Sofia the First: How to Make a Doll cake (or ANY character cake).

full wide sofia

So the littlest... my pixie... my LuBelle, sometimes called LuBella (whose technical REAL name is Lucy Ella, that of which is only used when she's in BIIIIIG trouble) turned the great big FIVE this past July. You know... the kindo' five where you get to ride that mysterious big yellow bus soon to be arriving at the end of the driveway, with your big brother and sisters each … [Read more...]

American Cake Decorating; A SUPAH Cool Cake Magazine!


American Cake Decorating Magazine is PRETTY awesome. Don't know if you know that already or not... but if you're into beautiful magazines to adorn your coffee table that ALSO have tons of good stuff in between the front and back cover, ya GOTTA check this one out. I've held that opinion of this cake magazine for a while now. So, as you might imagine, the fact that … [Read more...]

Rice Paper Skirt Tutorial!

close up rice skirt 1

Weddings. I love them. I love everything about them.  Standing in front all of the people you care about most in this world, declaring your everlasting love and commitment to the human being that you'd give your life for, who is standing there next to you, declaring it right back. It's always moved me. But these days, instead of sitting there silently watching with … [Read more...]

A Harry Potter Cake, With Ruffles and Painting

Fleur up close 1

    I'll never forget the day I first opened book one of J.K. Rowling's masterpiece. I had never even heard of Harry Potter, then.  Not many had, really.  It was a very fresh kids series at the time, and the world hadn't yet been given the chance to spread the word. It was the year I substitute taught in my local school district... about fifteen years … [Read more...]

My New Craftsy Class is Now Available! (Get over 50% off!)


So, I've discovered something about myself, recently. (Ok, I'm lying, I've known this truth for quite some time now, but it's kindo' smackin' me in the face again, so... I'm reminded.)  And I probably shouldn't be letting you in on this little revelation... but most of my cards are already on the table, so there's really no point in hiding it. Here it is - if you ever … [Read more...]

Tufted Cake & Ruffles Tips


I'm sitting out on my screened in (cause I'd rather not go out on an eaten-to-death-by-mosquito note, if you're hearin' me) porch as I write this.  The sun has just gone all the way down, the childrenssss are snug in bed, Thomas had an appointment to keep... and it's just me and the lightening bugs, right now. Wull, and you.  But you're not really here... so that doesn't … [Read more...]

McGreevy Cakes CRAZY Giveaway!!

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SQUEEEEEEE!!! (Enter here, NOW!) I am SOO ridiculously excited about the prizes I have for you, it's NOT EVEN FUNNYYYYYY! Ok, sooo I'm not sure if you noticed, and I hadn't yet, up until this point, officially announced the fact that my website has been given a HUGE face lift, but... err... guess what?  My website has been give a HUUUGE face lift!!!  (There, it's official … [Read more...]

Classes in Ireland… want ta know the TRUTH?

Red close

  Ireland. The Emerald Isle. My husband's (and my grandfather's) people. Where leprechauns roam free.  (Wull, I DID see one, you know.)   What can I say?  IT.WAS.AWESOME.  The land... as beautiful as they say.  The Guinness... well, you probably already know how good that was (and SUPER proud to say my very first pint was enjoyed in the city of … [Read more...]

Sugar Sand and Wafer Waves… A Beach Cake

sand & wafer waves wide 1

  As a cake decorator, do you have a theme that you dread? Youknow... one that makes your whole body cringe involuntarily upon being asked to incorporate it into a design? I do.  and I don't even know why, but when someone says "beach" theme, I die a tiny little death. What on EARTH is wrong with me, I'm not sure.  (<--NOT a word.)  I mean, I LOVE the beach! … [Read more...]