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You've got something you LOVE to do, don't you? Maybe it's a hobby you're ever so slightly obsessed with... or maybe it's a small business you're running.  Making cakes, photography, cooking, raising kids?  Whatever it is, you spend a lot of time on it, right? And I bet you've got something to say about it, too.  Maybe a few people have even told you that you should start … [Read more...]

Edible Basket Tutorial and Modeling Chocolate Produce!

close up garden cake 1

Do you have a big brother? I do.  And as much as I've tried to hide it for most of my life, (it's just a kid sister kinda thing, I think) I've always looked up to him.  (Shhhhhh.... don't tell.) See, my brother, Christian, is the fun kind.  In our house, growing up, we used to have family dinners together every night.  You know.. the no cell-phone allowed (uhh... … [Read more...]

A Li’l Extra Bling; Making a Sparkly Cake!


Angie is having a baby. Angie is one of those ridiculously gorgeous Latina women who look sickeningly beautiful even when they first lift their heads off o' their pillows in the morning. You know... the type that make you look at yourself in the mirror a few minutes longer than normal while your brain starts wondering if you should try a different make-up look or … [Read more...]

A Free Gift And A New Online Cake School!!


I'll never forget the first time Avalon Yarnes of Avalon Cakes messaged me. She wrote, "Hey woman!  I'm trying to stalk you on Instagram and I can't find any of your pictures!" Right after that, I hurt my head. 'Cause I fell off my chair. 'Cause Avalon YARNES just told me SHE was trying to stalk ME on Instagram. Say WHAAAAAA???? This girl is SO insanely … [Read more...]

Sofia the First: How to Make a Doll cake (or ANY character cake).

full wide sofia

So the littlest... my pixie... my LuBelle, sometimes called LuBella (whose technical REAL name is Lucy Ella, that of which is only used when she's in BIIIIIG trouble) turned the great big FIVE this past July. You know... the kindo' five where you get to ride that mysterious big yellow bus soon to be arriving at the end of the driveway, with your big brother and sisters each … [Read more...]

American Cake Decorating; A SUPAH Cool Cake Magazine!


American Cake Decorating Magazine is PRETTY awesome. Don't know if you know that already or not... but if you're into beautiful magazines to adorn your coffee table that ALSO have tons of good stuff in between the front and back cover, ya GOTTA check this one out. I've held that opinion of this cake magazine for a while now. So, as you might imagine, the fact that … [Read more...]

Rice Paper Skirt Tutorial!

close up rice skirt 1

Weddings. I love them. I love everything about them.  Standing in front all of the people you care about most in this world, declaring your everlasting love and commitment to the human being that you'd give your life for, who is standing there next to you, declaring it right back. It's always moved me. But these days, instead of sitting there silently watching with … [Read more...]

A Harry Potter Cake, With Ruffles and Painting

Fleur up close 1

    I'll never forget the day I first opened book one of J.K. Rowling's masterpiece. I had never even heard of Harry Potter, then.  Not many had, really.  It was a very fresh kids series at the time, and the world hadn't yet been given the chance to spread the word. It was the year I substitute taught in my local school district... about fifteen years … [Read more...]

My New Craftsy Class is Now Available! (Get over 50% off!)


So, I've discovered something about myself, recently. (Ok, I'm lying, I've known this truth for quite some time now, but it's kindo' smackin' me in the face again, so... I'm reminded.)  And I probably shouldn't be letting you in on this little revelation... but most of my cards are already on the table, so there's really no point in hiding it. Here it is - if you ever … [Read more...]